The Georgia Foundation for Public Education (GFPE) exists for the single purpose of supporting educational excellence for students in Georgia.

We provide simple ways for donors to impactfully serve students in Georgia’s K-12 system – by investing in a current GFPE project or working with GFPE to fund their vision. Together, we’re creating a better future for the 1.7 million students in Georgia’s public schools.

Please see our 2019 Annual Report here.

About The Georgia Foundation for Public Education (GFPE)

The Georgia Foundation for Public Education (GFPE) was created in 2010 by the Georgia General Assembly to support educational excellence in Georgia, including excellence at the three state schools for visually and hearing impaired students.

GFPE changes the lives of Georgia’s students – one student at a time.

  • GFPE is the statewide education foundation for public education and supports educational excellence for Georgia’s K-12 youth.
  • GFPE supports local agendas and the programs and projects that create success for students.
  • GFPE has the Georgia Department of Education’s resources behind us and is here to serve local school districts, teachers, students, and families.
  • GFPE has statewide reach and can easily share with you your donor data from your school district and districts of similar size across the state.
  • GFPE is a non-profit organization with the IRS designation of 170c1 that can act as the fiscal agent for your county’s work with your local school district. We can accept tax-deductible donations of any size and type and disburse them to your school district.

Why GFPE is Important

An investment in Georgia’s education is an investment in Georgia’s future.  That’s why we are asking you to empower Georgia’s K-12 youth today.

What Empowering Georgia’s Public Education Looks Like

$100,000 has been invested in graduating students from the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, Georgia Academy for the Blind, and Georgia School for the Deaf. This enabled 18 visually impaired and hard of hearing or deaf youth to go on to post-secondary education. For some students, they were the first members of their family to do so.

Investment of $50,000 has supported Advanced Placement teacher training to help teachers better deliver content and to assist low-income students in taking the AP tests. 97% of AP course completers graduated from high school (2015).

How You Can Help

Supporting Georgia’s K-12 youth better serves and prepares future generations.  That’s why we want to enable and prepare Georgia’s youth for long-term success.

Will you help the next generation of Georgia’s youth be proud of their public education?

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